Meaning and Types of Guns Used In AIRSOFT

A gun is a complex arrangement of metal parts that is capable of discharging a lead piece at a very high speed for penetrating flesh and thin slabs of wood. It is commonly used for self dense, murder, killing, recreational shooting. For the standard uses in armies, militias etc…

Airsoft is a game in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non metallic pallets using the gun. This game play varies in style and composition. Participants emulate equipments and accessories used by military and police organizations.

Airsoft AmmunitionHistory:

The origin of these guns originated in Japan. These equipments are designed closely to emulate real guns. Many law enforcement agencies in United States use these types of guns for training purpose.

Ballistics and Velocity

The pain a pellet from the gun causes is related to kinetic energy. This is directly proportional to its mass and square of velocity. It is important to know that doubling the velocity of pellet will quadruple its kinetic energy. The maximum effective range of these weapons is around 90m with a highly upgraded sniper rifles. Gas powered replicas function more like real firearms. It is generally agreed that 6.01-6.02 will provide highest velocity.


Many manufacturers and retailers make these types of guns as real guns so that it will help in alleviating safety. The minimum safety level to participate in these games is by wearing Ballistic eye wear goggles. Wearing sunglasses are not considered to be a safety precaution.

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Specifications of Gases in Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

A gun is a weapon consisting of a metal tube from which projectile is fired at a high velocity into relatively flat trajectory especially (a) a portable firearm such as rifle or revolver, (b) a cannon with a long barrel and a relative low angle of fire. In short a gun is a weapon that discharges a missile at a high velocity.

Airsoft guns are replica firearms that fire spherical projectiles of different materials. Airsoft Guns Gas are designed to be non-lethal and provide realistic replicas.

Airsoft Guns GasTypes of Airsoft Guns

Spring powered guns

Electric guns

Gas powered air soft guns

Hybrid guns

Spring Powered Guns

Spring powered guns use elastic potential energy stored in a spring. The guns are incapable of semi or automatic fire. These guns are generally inexpensive than the electric guns and gas powered guns.

Electric Guns

Electric powered Airsoft guns use rechargeable batteries to drive an electric motor. These guns are developed in Japan. Common types of Electric guns are as follows;

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