Specifications of Gases in Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

A gun is a weapon consisting of a metal tube from which projectile is fired at a high velocity into relatively flat trajectory especially (a) a portable firearm such as rifle or revolver, (b) a cannon with a long barrel and a relative low angle of fire. In short a gun is a weapon that discharges a missile at a high velocity.

Airsoft guns are replica firearms that fire spherical projectiles of different materials. Airsoft Guns Gas are designed to be non-lethal and provide realistic replicas.

Airsoft Guns GasTypes of Airsoft Guns

Spring powered guns

Electric guns

Gas powered air soft guns

Hybrid guns

Spring Powered Guns

Spring powered guns use elastic potential energy stored in a spring. The guns are incapable of semi or automatic fire. These guns are generally inexpensive than the electric guns and gas powered guns.

Electric Guns

Electric powered Airsoft guns use rechargeable batteries to drive an electric motor. These guns are developed in Japan. Common types of Electric guns are as follows;

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