Know the types of air soft guns before choosing one

we-scar-mk-series_0206140722Airsoft is a game that is played between a group of players using airsoft guns. These guns are replica firearms of the real life models. The projectiles used are of plastic or even bio degradable materials.

The airsoft guns can be divided into varieties based on how they function. The basics of the airsoft varieties available in the market is based on-

  • Compress gas
  • Electric piston
  • Spring powered piston
  • Combination of electrical and spring driven model
  • hydraulics

let us see what are the different types of guns available based on the way they are made and they perform-

  • Spring Powered: This is a single shot devices that uses the elastic potential energy that is stored in the spring used to compress the air used to launch the pellet in the barrel of the gun. Hence it got the name of the spring powered. This type of gun is not so powerful but very useful for the beginners.
  • Electric Guns: These come with a rechargeable battery that drives the internal pistol to propel the pellets. it is usually a three round automatic burst variety. It can be called one of the most commonly used types of guns.
  • Gas Powered Guns: This type of gun uses the “Green Gas” or the propane gas in it. it comes in both automatic and semi automatic types. The pellets are thrown out when the pressure is released from the gas.



Choose a gun wisely for the game!

gun2Airsoft is a high energy game that gives a great adrenalin rush to the players. The actuall fun of the game lies in having the right kind of opponents, team mates, play area. But most important of all is having the right kind of ammunitions and guns that will give you the real kick in the game.

Let’s see some basic steps on how we can choose the right type of gun:

  • Type of play – It is very important to choose the guns that would be apt for the type of game you will be playing. There are various of roles that can be played like sniper, support gunner, covering fire etc. If you are playing a sniper use sniper guns, if it is going to be a close quarter play choose short guns while support gunners use machine guns. So it has to be as per the role and game.
  • Popular Models and Brands – Opt for the latest trendy styled guns as it will be more fun. Choose airsoft guns from well known brands so that will be an assurance of quality and safety. Choose a model and then the brand based on the type of the game and your role. As the model you want should be available in the brand you choose.
  • Cost of the guns – Once the role, type of game, model and the brand is finalised, then comes the cost of the ammunitions. You must remember that it is just a game and it is obviously not wise enough to spend a fortune on it. Be cost wise and do a bit a survey. You will find many online stores that will offer great deals on the models and brands you like. May be you can shift to another brand but stick to the model and type of gun to get a good cost effective ammunition.


Airsoft game is now more safe than ever before!

Airsoft AmmunitionAirsoft in UK is a game that is gaining a lot of popularity and is spreading even faster now. Owing to the high trill and great fun that is derived from this game, it is becoming more and more popular amongst the youngster. To make the game more and more fun the manufacturers are now ready with high end ammunitions that are exactly replica of the real time guns.

Like any other game this one also needs lots of precautions that needs to be taken care of to ensure complete safety. What all precautions should be taken while playing this game? Is it possible to keep oneself complete safe when the game is all about playing with ammunitions and guns? These are few very normal questions that most of us have who have not experienced the play ourselves. Yes there is an age limit for participating in this game and hence it is quite safe as well.

The game has advanced to a great level and the organisers are very careful in taking all care that the players are always safe. To support this, the companies manufacturing and supplying the guns and ammunitions have also making safety gears along side. This includes all the gears to protect a person from head till toe.