Choose a gun wisely for the game!

gun2Airsoft is a high energy game that gives a great adrenalin rush to the players. The actuall fun of the game lies in having the right kind of opponents, team mates, play area. But most important of all is having the right kind of ammunitions and guns that will give you the real kick in the game.

Let’s see some basic steps on how we can choose the right type of gun:

  • Type of play – It is very important to choose the guns that would be apt for the type of game you will be playing. There are various of roles that can be played like sniper, support gunner, covering fire etc. If you are playing a sniper use sniper guns, if it is going to be a close quarter play choose short guns while support gunners use machine guns. So it has to be as per the role and game.
  • Popular Models and Brands – Opt for the latest trendy styled guns as it will be more fun. Choose airsoft guns from well known brands so that will be an assurance of quality and safety. Choose a model and then the brand based on the type of the game and your role. As the model you want should be available in the brand you choose.
  • Cost of the guns – Once the role, type of game, model and the brand is finalised, then comes the cost of the ammunitions. You must remember that it is just a game and it is obviously not wise enough to spend a fortune on it. Be cost wise and do a bit a survey. You will find many online stores that will offer great deals on the models and brands you like. May be you can shift to another brand but stick to the model and type of gun to get a good cost effective ammunition.



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