Some popular types of airsoft games

Airsoft AmmunitionAirsoft has been a fun, thrilling and a great adventurous game since its advent. It is believed to have been development with the basic concept coming from the game of paint ball. However, this game of airsoft in UK has come a long way since its advent. Now the organisers and the enthusiasts constantly come up with many innovative games idea that can help make the game more interesting and thrilling. Below are the few most common and famous types of games playes:

  • Medic – This is a game to be played with a team which has huge team members. A game that runs for longer span of time. The basic logic is when a player is hit, then medic has to go and rescue else they have to keep lying on the floor and can’t be active.
  • Bomb – The base logic of the game is that one team has to place a bomb in the base of the opponent team, which would mean the opponent team is killed.



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