All You Need to Know about Airsoft Gas Guns

jd-airsoft-xmas-logoThe one thing which is worse than getting depleted of ammo is the absence of sidearm to tackle those emergencies. Every serious-minded airsoft player must pledge to arm themselves with a pistol wherever they go, because emergencies do occur without a prior warning. Among airsoft guns gaspowered ones are extreme underrated as they do not quite reach the excellent firing value of their AEG counterparts. Yet the former is quite a cost-effective alternative to users who identify themselves as having intermediate skill in airsofting. Here you will get to know about the different types of such airsoft pistols:

Types of airsoft gas-powered pistols

  • Gas-powered blowback pistol: Blowback airsoft pistols are designed normally to operate very much like conventional steel pistols, where you need to push the slide back in order to prime the pistol for action. Also, such a pistol’s slide tends to lock into the back end whenever you are depleted of rounds, akin to a steel pistol. The advantage of a THIS blowback pistol is that it looks and feels similar to the conventional steel pistol and acts like one too. However they require more gas to power the slide to and fro during operation.



A Novelist’s Guide to Airsoft Guns

gun3For those completely new to the world of airsofting, airfsoft guns are those that shoot around 6mm round-shaped pellets called BBs. Although they are sized similar to real bullets, they travel at a lower speed and do not have potential to inflict serious injury or bleeding upon the target. Airsoft is usually regarded as a mere toy gun, albeit with some caution attached to its usage. The lovers of these arms get the pleasure of real shooting while using these and as such starting from young to old, all are the fans of these ammunitions.

Airsoft guns vs real ones

As mentioned above, airsoft usually are very similar to actual firearms and may be even considered as their exact replicas. Some manufacturers make these toy guns by using a real template of the original ones so as to emulate the exact weight, look and feel of its steel counterpart. Although electric ones can only produce welts, they still hurt as those tiny pellets travel at a speed enough to cause shocking pain. Thus, protective gears or skirmishes must be adorned to avoid bleeding injuries especially around the eyes. Sweatshirts and cargo pants too shield the skin from direct hit. So, it is wise to get yourself shielded with these safety clothes.


Tips to Land up with a Suitable Airsoft Gun

gus2For every airsofting enthusiast, an airsoft gun is the ticket to their realm of adventures. Choosing the right airsoft pistol can never be easy, especially when you are not backed by expert guidance. Whether you are a beginner or an ace player, you should ask yourself these preliminary questions before proceeding to the store.


  • What is your level of commitment?

If you are more into mini pistols, water guns and cheap automatics, then hardcore airsofting is probably not your thing yet. In that case, it is best to pick up a cheap model from your local store. On the other hand, if you worship vulcans miniguns or use vehicles and games that are suitable for outdoor action like camping, you may well be on the way to total airsofting, though not there yet.

  • What will be the purpose of the pistol?

Airsoft guns can be used for some target practice around the room and they can be also used for more specific functions, to the likes of sniping.