How to Choose an Airsoft gun?

Gun GasAirsoft weapon also demands certain level of consideration before buying. If you fail to grab the right trigger, it will cost you huge financially. The overall selection is based on your choices only and selecting an airsoft gun is not that critical because you are not in warfare and your life and lives of others are not dependent on it. Do not go for just any gun, choose wisely, a gun that will mechanically suits you.

Your choice is the last and final decision

First answer to some basic questions to yourself and be brutally honest to it. Why do you want an airsoft gun and for what purpose you are using the same. Is it for shooting purpose, or for playing target hitting games with others or you want to simply use it as a prop while clicking pictures. Choice must always be yours and yours alone as you are the sole master for your choice and you are the one who will understand your best possible interest. Do not go for any other airsoft guns just because you need to impress others or woo a girl. Best thing is understand your limitation and strength then choose the right rifle to hit the target correctly.



Play with the Winds and Tame Your Air Gun

sniperasgAlmost all airsoft players nurture the dream of becoming a pro in shooting with airsoft sniper guns. A sniper plays an important role when playing as a team. It is not an easy task and if accomplished successfully, it has rewarding experience. Check out this write up to know more about the role of a sniper and their weapon.

Understanding the core need of a sniper

Before becoming a proud sniper, you must be very clear about its said role in the team. The act is very interesting but if you fail to catch the actual cord then you will feel bore or frustrated. For a brief span of time, a sniper must go for an EG or a semi automatic. After getting accustomed with that technique, move on to Maruzen or to a completely different rifle to kill the boredom. To deliver your best, side pass clone guns and pick up 470 FPS with 0.2, capacity of 500 shots or more.

Importance of Side arms

In the absence of a side gun, a sniper arsenal is paralysed. They are not that costly and with installed side arms you will feel more cornered. If you are going for those semi-automatic or automatic side arms then arrange adequate amount of ammunition to avoid stock run out.


A Glimpse of the Variety in the Airgun Arsenal

gun1Airsoft guns are of different types depending on the nature upon which they are fired. 3 varieties of air gun which are most popular in the shooting market are discussed in this page. Have a look and get enlightened:



The spring gun has no connection with the season spring. The idea is, the gun must be cocked just before each and every shoot. When you suddenly pull back your cocking bolt or the slide, it pulls gallon air inside the plunger. When you press the trigger, the entire air trapped inside is released with a thud. Spring rifles are the beginner’s choice as they are less complicated and can be easily handled. Beginners plus spring amalgamation gave them the tag  “Springers”.


The electric counterpart is very much identical with spring. The major exception between the two is, instead of manual pulling back, the electric one employs an electric motor to execute the entire spring pulling task and the result is more acute and fast. You can pull the spring 100 times per minute. Majority of Airsoft Assault guns SAW or SMG operates under this electrical mechanism. An Electric rifle is sometimes also referred as an Automatic Electric Gun or more commonly Automatic Electric Pistol; however the later can demand 100 bucks more for a decent quality version.