Confused About Choosing the Ideal Airsoft Ammunition? Read on!

Are you a fan of airsoft? Then you must be knowing how important it is to choose the right airsoft ammunition for that perfect game. However not every player considers these necessities and tends to overlook them.

Hence, to help them here are three critical components that one needs to consider.


airsoft ammunition

Weight of the ammunition

Pellet masses differ invariably and heavier pellets have higher range and accuracy.

Few examples would be like-

  • A pellet of around 0.12g is lightest having slightly lower spherical intolerance than heavier ones. They also have cheaper springs and are usually not recommended to use with expensive guns.
  • A pellet of 0.20g weight has almost spherical shape and works excellent with AEGs or airsoft guns gas. 23g – 0.25g pellets are similar to the previous only being more expensive and having a better range.
  • 28g and heavier pellets are the ones having perfect spherical shape with higher accuracy and best range. They perform best with sniper rifles and high powered guns but are slightly expensive.

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