A Beginners Guide to Selecting the Right Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns were originally designed in the Eastern part of Asia. These realistic looking weapons are replicas of real firearms so that players can participate in any shooting game scenario without getting injured.

Airsoft UK

Airsoft is a game played within a large area where the principal motive is to “tag” or “strike” the other players with the ammunition fired from the guns. Unlike laser tag or paintball, it is hard to determine whether a player has been hit or not, so airsoft relies on honour system while a game is on.

Airsoft guns are divided into three groups – Electric, Gas and Spring. If a player is wondering what kind of gun to purchase, the below-written guide will help them decide.

Electric Guns

These guns are accurate and powerful than others. Many electric guns come with a system that let the users lay down a consistently accurate line of fire until their clip gets over. The batteries require to charge the first time and it would gradually it will slow down and run out of power. If you are a new player, then airsoft electric guns and Airsoft Ammunition are the best.

Gas Guns

Airsoft Guns with Gas is often used as a secondary weapon or sidearm. The gas lasts only till the duration of the clip and enables consistency. The automatic guns gas has ammunition that is sprayed all over the place without any accuracy. They might be powerful but not reliable enough to be used as primary armour, but is a very good choice for a secondary weapon.

Spring Guns

The spring airsoft guns require a user to pump it every time they use it. It is reliable when used in close-quartered games. The rate of fire is slower but it doesn’t need reloading often. These are basically primary weapons and easiest to handle, even for the first time buyers. There are several full-size spring airsoft guns that are cost-effective and a great way to get into airsoft arena. It is also available in ultra grade but it is a bit heavier.


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