How to Choose your First Airsoft Gun

If you are a new entrant in the airsoft sporting field you should know which type of airsoft gun suits your needs to enjoy the whole experience.

What is your role in the game?

Find out the genre that you love – military reenactment or sports genres. If it’s the former, is historical accuracy needed (in that case, a gun of such an impact is required)? Which position do you love – the centre of the battle or just a sniper at the borders.The Rifleman is the best position for a newcomer. He is part of a variety of positions and at many fire ranges. But a Close Quarters Combat player will require a more durable and free-wielding firearm. The accuracy rate is essential for a sniper.One should have an idea of the length, weight, accuracy, fire of the weapon.

Think on the type that suits you

For the Airsoft guns gas ones are more prone to getting slower in extreme cold. Spring-action guns are more durable but come only after the gas and electric ones. An electric gun however needs a battery and charger that you have to carry along. Automatic electric guns are therefore best for the new players. Once you decide your role in the game, just pick up the one that suits your need – the handgun, rifle, sniper rifle or a shotgun or if you just love to place your hands on that machine gun.



A Complete Guide To Learn About The Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Guns Gas 1Congratulations on your new airsoft gas powered gun. There are many mistakes which first time users of such guns commit. Here are some points which you should always take care of:

  • Compatibility of the gun: You should know the various gases which are compatible with your gun. Guns made especially for HFC134a gases are weaker inbuilt. They cannot generally withstand the pressure of the green or red gas and can break down. It’s ok to use green gas, but using red gas needs a superior built material. CO2 gas is the strongest gas used in a gas gun.
  • Application of gas: Incorrect application of gas can lead to freezing up of the O-Rings. Black rubber seals at the magazines valves are termed as O-rings. Any discrepancy in the O-ring can lead to leakage of gas from the magazine. You should always apply the gas in the second burst after holding the magazine in the upright direction. If you apply the gas for more than 5 seconds. There are high chances that it may freeze the O-rings.


Visit Best Online Store To Buy Guns Gas Easily And Save Money

Airsoft Guns GasAirsoft guns are the perfect alternative of original firearms that effectively fire the BBs or small plastic pellets. These are available in three major types such as electric, gas and spring, but the Gas based Airsoft guns gain more recognition among people because of its unique features. Carry out the best research online and choose the best online store offering Airsoft products, affordable prices and reliable services. The smart research helps to select the highly appropriate and perfect Airsoft product easily. The gas powered Airsoft guns have their own advantages and exclusive features. These kinds of guns are fueled by high quality and superior gas. There are several places available to buy the perfect gas, but the specialized online website offers desired level of services at very reasonable prices. The striking online website offers lots of affordable cartridges that perfectly fit with any Airsoft gun. The most realistic and effective specifications of these guns are slamming bolt, recycling features and more.

Popularity of Airsoft Gas Guns

The gas based Airsoft guns also offers a very elaborate design, but these are highly expensive in maintenance and purchase. The gas guns are really available in both semi-automatic and automatic functions, offering the highly appropriate solution for every shooting requirement. The working processes of these guns are really same as the real firearms. The SMG guns include lots of unique features that are given below:

  • These effective Airsoft guns include flexible design and functionality which allows people to handle it without any complexities.
  • These kinds of awesome features make the gas operated Airsoft guns ideal choice for the hardcore enthusiastic.
  • These guns feature exceptional and outstanding realism with its blowback models as well as greater velocities with its non-blowback models.
  • In addition, they use highly compressed green gas, propane or CO2 in order to propel the BBs.


How to Choose an Airsoft gun?

Gun GasAirsoft weapon also demands certain level of consideration before buying. If you fail to grab the right trigger, it will cost you huge financially. The overall selection is based on your choices only and selecting an airsoft gun is not that critical because you are not in warfare and your life and lives of others are not dependent on it. Do not go for just any gun, choose wisely, a gun that will mechanically suits you.

Your choice is the last and final decision

First answer to some basic questions to yourself and be brutally honest to it. Why do you want an airsoft gun and for what purpose you are using the same. Is it for shooting purpose, or for playing target hitting games with others or you want to simply use it as a prop while clicking pictures. Choice must always be yours and yours alone as you are the sole master for your choice and you are the one who will understand your best possible interest. Do not go for any other airsoft guns just because you need to impress others or woo a girl. Best thing is understand your limitation and strength then choose the right rifle to hit the target correctly.


Enjoy your war games in a different way with these Airsoft Guns

gun1Airsoft is an immensely popular sport and it is hoarding a large number of adult fan followers in many countries across the globe. Its sport type is safe and a lot fun and the best thing about airsoft sport is that it is not messy like the paintball. Its sport uses airsoft guns which are actual size replicas of real guns or firearms. These firearms use plastic bullets as ammunition. Nowadays, retail stores as well as online marketplace are flooded with a wide range of these firearms and if you are an airsoft sport fan, then it is extremely important for you to learn all about different types of these firearms, how they work etc. Well, there are many individuals who are unfamiliar with this sport firearms and they are curious to learn more about it.

Airsoft Electric Gun

Electric airsoft sports firearms are immensely popular among the enthusiasts. It is important for you to know that the electric firearms of this type have contributed a lot towards the immensely rising popularity of its sports firearms throughout the world. This type of firearm comes with a electric motor and a pre-installed battery to power it. The gears fitted inside the firearm are turned by the motor and it eventually helps in compressing and releasing of piston. In this way, plastic bullets propel out through the gun barrel of an electric firearm.

Airsoft Spring Gun

Also known as ‘Springers’, this type of firearm uses the spring mechanism to operate. These general types of these sport guns proper the pellets through a spring. A backward cock action sets the spring ready and activates it for the shot. However, rapid fire is impossible with spring type firearm. The simple design and inexpensive cost of this spring firearm makes it more and more popular among the enthusiasts.





Some popular types of airsoft games

Airsoft AmmunitionAirsoft has been a fun, thrilling and a great adventurous game since its advent. It is believed to have been development with the basic concept coming from the game of paint ball. However, this game of airsoft in UK has come a long way since its advent. Now the organisers and the enthusiasts constantly come up with many innovative games idea that can help make the game more interesting and thrilling. Below are the few most common and famous types of games playes:

  • Medic – This is a game to be played with a team which has huge team members. A game that runs for longer span of time. The basic logic is when a player is hit, then medic has to go and rescue else they have to keep lying on the floor and can’t be active.
  • Bomb – The base logic of the game is that one team has to place a bomb in the base of the opponent team, which would mean the opponent team is killed.


Know the types of air soft guns before choosing one

we-scar-mk-series_0206140722Airsoft is a game that is played between a group of players using airsoft guns. These guns are replica firearms of the real life models. The projectiles used are of plastic or even bio degradable materials.

The airsoft guns can be divided into varieties based on how they function. The basics of the airsoft varieties available in the market is based on-

  • Compress gas
  • Electric piston
  • Spring powered piston
  • Combination of electrical and spring driven model
  • hydraulics

let us see what are the different types of guns available based on the way they are made and they perform-

  • Spring Powered: This is a single shot devices that uses the elastic potential energy that is stored in the spring used to compress the air used to launch the pellet in the barrel of the gun. Hence it got the name of the spring powered. This type of gun is not so powerful but very useful for the beginners.
  • Electric Guns: These come with a rechargeable battery that drives the internal pistol to propel the pellets. it is usually a three round automatic burst variety. It can be called one of the most commonly used types of guns.
  • Gas Powered Guns: This type of gun uses the “Green Gas” or the propane gas in it. it comes in both automatic and semi automatic types. The pellets are thrown out when the pressure is released from the gas.